Hip Replacement


Manufacturer :
Evolutis – Moonstone Bipolar ;
Biorad – Signature / Avatar


  • micro-grooved 12/14 taper
  • cylindrical fully polished and reduced diameter neck
  • NSA (neck-shaft angle) available in standard (135°) and “lengthened” lateralised (128°) versions
  • single neck length
  • unique metaphyseal macrostructure oriented along the dynamic load axis
  • choice of 2 surface finish (with and without cement)

Total Hip Replacement

Manufacturer :
Evolutis – Captiv (UC) / Emergence (C) ;

Biorad – Signature (UC) / Avatar (C)


  • moderately crosslinked PEXEL    polyethylene against a metal or a ceramic head
  • highly-crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin-E (PEXEL   -E) against a metal or a ceramic head
  • ceramic composite against a ceramic composite head

Dual Mobility

Dual Mobility

Manufacturer :
Evolutis  – CAPTIV Dual Mobility


CAPTIV DM is available in 2 versions :

  • press-fit only, including an equatorial over-sizing macrostructure with 3 sets of anchoring teeth
  • press-fit and dome spikes aimed at increasing the primary stability of the shell

Both versions have a dual coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite.

The liners, manufactured in mediumly crosslinked polyethylene (PEXEL), provide a positive excentration to the femoral head.

The liners are available for all sizes of cup in inner diameters 22.2 and 28mm.

Revision – Hip

Manufacturer :
Biorad – Long stem – Indus